What service does WiCAM provide?

WiCAM is an Internet Service Provider. Our service packages include:

  1. Dedicated Optic
  2. Leased Line Copper
  3. Wireless Broadband
  4. IPLC & DPLC
  5. Wi-Fi HotSpot
  6. VoIP Solution
  7. MPLS Solution
  8. Co-Location
  9. Hosting Service
  10. E-mail Security
  11. Wholesale Bandwidth

You need the following:

- A computer, either desktop or laptop, or PDA with WiFi wireless device.
- wireless bridge rented or bought from our company.
- A mast for holding bridge and networking cable to your computer.

For further information, please come to our office, located at the address at the bottom of this page.

*** Pre-paid Internet card (WiFi-HotSpot) is different from others services, it is very convenient and exciting while you can access to our service anywhere in the Phnom Penh city by having a laptop with a wireless network card.

The installation fees vary from package to package. If you choose the home-user package (limited data usage), the installation fee will include technician labor, mast and cable, excluding bridge. On the other hand, if you choose fixed-access or leased-line package, you will pay only the installation fee; after a year of using our service, the equipment will automatically belong to you, the customer.

Our service coverage is all over Phnom Penh city. We continue to place as many relay stations as possible throughout the city to bring our service nearest possible to your home.